Munchen, Minnesota

A serial podcast drama about a fading mill town on the verge of a supernatural invasion!

Three episodes available now!

The Story

Like a lot of older industrial cities in the Midwest, Munchen, Minnesota has fallen on hard times.
Many of the town’s neighborhoods have emptied, leaving houses vacant and crumbling.
Crime is rampant.

But Munchen’s got an even more serious problem.

It’s on the verge of a supernatural infestation.

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The Characters

Steve Halvorsen

Much like Munchen, Steve Halvorsen is falling apart at the seams. A librarian by day, Steve spends his nights prowling around Munchen’s many abandoned houses, ostensibly in search of architectural salvage. His partner, Raul, is increasingly frustrated by his nighttime wanderings: “I thought the antique store didn’t want anymore of your fireplace grates!” But Steve has a secret—one that the whole future of Munchen depends on.

Meredith Halvorsen

The thing 14-year-old Meredith Halvorsen wants most is not to get sent back to her mother’s house in stupid old Otter Lake. The thing she wants second most is to catch one of those critters she’s seen scampering around in the abandoned church. The thing she wants third most is a new bone saw (taxidermy is a precise art, okay? You can’t just use any old tools.) The thing she wants fourth most is to be Miles Redfeather’s girlfriend. Or wait, scratch that. Relationship stuff is too illogical and weird for a woman of science.

Jonathan Jewell

An ambitious young urban planner from Washington, D.C., Jonathan Jewell arrives in Minnesota under less-than-favorable circumstances. Eager for a fresh start, he takes a job spearheading an innovative new foreclosure prevention program with the Munchen Department of Housing and Development. However, it turns out to be more of a demolition derby—much to the chagrin of his new landlord, Steve Halvorsen.

Steve's House

Cast & Crew

Created and written by
Justin Glanville
Christine Borne

Directed by
Mindy Childress Herman

Sound design by
Angie Hayes

Live Recording by
Sam Fisher


Jenna Fink as Meredith

Bob Kilpatrick as Steve

Leilani Barrett as Jonathan

Carlos Antonio Cruz as Raul

Lynna Metrisin as Mrs. Yoole

Nina McCollum as Kelly

Greg Mandryk as Miles

Claudia Esposito as Susan

with Arthur Chu, Steven Schuerger, Derek Koger, Lisa van Gaasbeek, John Busser, Doug Kusak, Andy Tarr, Sarah Kunchik, Samuel Gantose, Brian Pedaci, Jordan Saul, and Danielle Shepard


Art by
Julia Kuo
Emily Dove


Web design by
Darby M. Dixon III

Developed At

Developed at Cleveland Public Theatre’s new work series The Dark Room and produced with support from Cleveland Public Theatre.

Recorded at Cleveland Public Theatre in the historic Gordon Square neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Raymond Bobgan, Niki Napier, Cameron Cerny, Tim Nevits, and Marie Vibbert.